Let it Rain… Let it Pour…

I have always enjoyed a good rain storm, splashing in the puddles, not caring that I am soaked to the bone, but now I have one more reason to love the rain… free water! Any time it starts to rain I set out all the potted plants that are normally under the overhang so that they get rained on. I also move all the plants that are on the carport waiting to go in the ground to the driveway so the rain can reach them as well. I never move the plants when I think it is going to rain or if rain has only been forecast because this is North Carolina and the weather changes every 5 minutes. We also have 2 rain barrels, one 50 gallon and one 30 gallon, which we built to collect the rain water that comes from the gutters so we can use that to water our gardens instead of paying for city water all the time. Obviously I can’t decide or affect when it is going to rain but I do what I can to take advantage of the rain that we do get.

Here are just a few pictures from the rain storm today…



Here are all the potted plants that are usually housed in the carport waiting to go in the ground. I set them all out on the driveway so they can get rained on.


I set the strawberry plants that are waiting to go into the vegetable garden (this week!) on the bistro table where they could get watered from the rain as well.









I was trying to peek through the plants in the Planter Garden to see the garden beds below and how much the rain was able to reach them so I would know if I needed to water later.