All it Takes is a “Little” Hard Work

Let me start this blog post with a quote from my sister-in-law, Catherine: “I am jealous of all your free Craigslist plants, but I am just too lazy to dig them all up myself.”

The main lesson that I have learned from both couponing as well as gardening on a budget is that in order to save money you have to be willing to do a lot more work! A regular trip to the grocery store involves making a grocery list, going to the store(s) and buying the items you need. The most time-consuming activity involved would be standing in the line to check out. With couponing, however, there is a lot more involved in order to reap in the savings. There is the time to cut out coupons every week and keep them organized, keeping up with the sales at multiple grocery stores, and then pairing the sales together with the coupons and then comparing the different stores to find the best deal for each product. Once at the grocery store each item much be matched up with the coordinating coupon and time taken to make sure the maximum number of coupons is not exceeded at the store. A coupon trip to the grocery can easily take three times as long at the store plus all the prep time and work involved. There will be more details to come on this process in the first couponing post.

The same goes for gardening on a budget. However, when dealing with the gardens the work is often more physically straining than mentally stimulating. Many of the tasks that we would prefer be carried out by a paid professional we have done ourselves in order to cut spending. We look for any opportunity to get supplies for free and barter for things we already have and no longer need. We search clearance racks repeatedly to try not to spend full price on the things we want. It’s hard to give general examples of this for gardening so you will have to wait until I start posting about our garden transformations and all about the specific examples of the hard work it takes to get it all done. However, here is one example just to show the hard work that we have poured and continue to pour into making our gardens a beautiful place for us to escape to from our busy lives.

This is our Tree Stump Garden: one of our 9 (and ever-increasing) gardens. This Pine Tree was one of the trees that the tornadoes last April ripped out of our back yard. The stump is still there and quite the eyesore so I have decided to turn it into one of our gardens. Spencer had the idea to dig out the base of the stump and expose all the roots to give the garden a more unique look. But what to do with all that dirt???

This is our Carport Garden which we have now decided is going to be our one-and-only fruit and vegetable garden for the year. The soil that was here was mostly sand and rocks and not suitable for growing our plants. So we needed good soil to mix into it. With money we would just go out and buy some compost to replace this poor quality dirt, however when trying to save money we have to get a little more creative in our approach. So we took that good organic dirt from the top few inches around the Tree Stump Garden (which was years of decomposed pine needles and leaves) and added it to the Carport Garden. That posed a new problem…what to do with the extra dirt from this garden? Not wanting the garden to be elevated in relation to the ground around it, some dirt needed a new home.

This is our Back Garden. Here we are building a tiered garden bed with 5 separate tiers. However we are lacking in the amount of dirt necessary to do so. Thus the extra dirt from the vegetable garden (that is keeping us from adding the good soil from the Tree Stump Garden in there) had to be moved to this garden bed before the vegetable garden could be prepped for planting. Also the lower levels of dirt (aka good ole North Carolina red clay) from the Tree Stump Garden is being added to this garden to help build it up to construct the tiers. What this means is Spencer and I spent 2 whole days (8+ hours each day) moving wheelbarrow loads of dirt from Point A to Point B, Point B to Point C, Point A to Point C and so on. And we’re still not done!

All in all, what you need to know is that if you want to save money in any aspect of your life you have to be willing to put forth a little (really, a lot!) more effort than everyone else!



  1. Catherine said,

    April 27, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    In my defense….I have 2 kids! lol

  2. pmillerbsa said,

    April 28, 2012 at 2:43 am

    It is a lot of work, but y’all are doing a fantastic job with the gardens. The yard is going to be a showplace when you are finished!

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